About Ubiquitous Security

Chris Hails is researching an individual’s ‘Security Quotient’ score and behavioural qualities that may pre-dispose internet users to fall victim to socio-technical attacks. His research into the human factors that impact on information security is funded by InternetNZ.

I work fulltime as a manager in NZTA’s cyber security practice. Prior to learning about the world of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and ubiquitous computing in an automotive context, I was a manager at Deloitte specialising in Privileged Access Management, privacy and socio-technical security and have worked at New Zealand’s National Cyber Security Centre.

I previously developed the ORB cybercrime reporting system at NetSafe – between August 2010 and August 2016 New Zealanders reported almost 28,500 online incidents involving the loss of more than $35m to a wide variety of cyber-enabled threat actors.

Cybersecurity Education and Outreach

I volunteer on the board of the Auckland (ISC)2 chapter to arrange monthly security events and work with groups to educate on cybersecurity risks and the importance of developing organisational security culture to ‘harden the human firewall’. Recent activities have included: