Cybersecurity research: guinea pigs wanted!

It’s been a while since I celebrated getting funding from InternetNZ to research the human side of cyber security and how individual personality traits might play a part in common ‘socio-technical attacks’ like phishing, ransomware and online scams.

I’ve digested mounds of academic research spanning fields as diverse as human computer interaction, risk management, health promotion and social psychology. I’ve read books and blogs on social engineering and scammer tactics and have assembled the first draft of a conceptual scale that might help identify ‘high risk’ individuals when it comes to common cybercrime and cyber security attacks.

Taking inspiration from the agile “move fast and break things” mindset, it’s highly likely this will be the first of many iterations of a research questionnaire but I’m keen to get feedback from some willing guinea pig volunteers.

If you have 15 minutes to spare and the enthusiasm to road test an online survey, please do get in touch by email to or message me on LinkedIn and I’ll happily share a URL with you.

The survey looks at basic demographic details, computer use, health and lifestyle factors and how they may shape risk appetite with the ultimate aim being to vulnerability scan layer eight.

Header image by David Burke, used under Creative Commons licence.